Yet on Easter, we also had our 3 Sessions Easter Bible Studies-2014 with the gran-finale last Thursday when the Bible Students presented their version of the Empty Tomb. Many Blessings to all who have been preparing themselves for an Easter full of Meaning, studying the Bible and preparing the Easter Play!


Sunday Morning family orientated Service from 11.00 to approximately 12.20 (with Sunday Clubs for children)

Monday Evening Girls Brigade 18.30 to 20.00 (4-9, 10-14+ Groups)

Thursday Afternoon Pastoral Counselling from 14.00 onto 17.45; Choir Rehearsal 18.00 to 20.00

Thursday Evening Bible Study 20.00 to 20.45

Friday Evening Boys Brigade 8-11 18.30 to 19.45; 11-15, 16+ 19.30 to 21.30

Here you will get the latest news about our fellowship, things we do during the week and all the coverage of our events.
You are also encouraged to watch the recorded video messages, preached on Sundays in our Church and better than that, come and visit us!
It will be a pleasure to meet you!

Revd. André Mira & Church

We are a Baptist Church and believe:

  • That Jesus is the Son of God
  • That He is the only way to God and that we can come to know Him through repenting of our sins and putting our faith in His sacrificial death on the cross.
  • That Salvation is by God's grace and not by good works.
  • That the Bible is the Word of God and we accept it as our final authority.
  • In the Grace of God - that there was nothing about us that deserved his love, but God loved us, was merciful to us and saved us.
  • That the gospel is relevant to every area of our lives.
  • That the Bible defines the church as a body of people who are devoted to God and also to one another.
  • That the purpose of our lives is to worship God, to love one another, and to make God's love known to our community.
  • That God wants us to enjoy Him for ever.
  • That Church members should seek to be as actively involved in the life of the church as possible.

The Sunday Clubs meet during the Morning Service every Sunday. There are three separate groups catering the the particular needs of different age ranges. 

Sunbeams (from babies to 6 year olds)
We like to make Sunday mornings a fun time. The children are encouraged to learn Christian values through playing - by sharing, being kind, and helping each other. Each week we have a Bible lesson which we may act, play a game about, or simply have as a story. We also sing, play musical instruments, make models, and do pictures. For our free play time, the children can use a wide variety of toys - including a Wendy House, a castle, a climbing frame with slide, and a wide selection of cars, prams and other fun toys. Bring your under-sevens for a fun-time on Sundays. Sunbeams "opens for business" at 10.45 and normally the children must be collected at 12.15. 
Sunrays (7 to 11 year olds)
These children join us for the first part of the Morning Service at 11.00 and then leave for their special time together after 20 minutes or so. They follow a programme of activities, craft, drama, and so on and we aim to teach them basic of the Christian faith. 
Sunseekers (11+)
A group designed specifically for young people - where issues which they can relate to are explored with a Christian emphasis. Issues like:

Does God exist?What is the Bible?
Who am I?Why am I important?
What is God like?Who is Jesus?
How can I know Him?How can we pray?
What is the Church?Do miracles still happen?

The young people normally join in the Morning Service for the first half an hour or so and then go to their meeting.

The Leadership Team at Barking Baptist Church comprises a Minister, Deacons, Care Group Leaders, and the people who organise the various youth activities. We believe in the model of leadership that Jesus demonstrated to His followers - namely that first and foremost a Christian Leader is a servant to those who they are leading. We are a mixed bunch of people who share a common desire to serve God in this place. Please make yourself known to us - we would like to get to know everyone who comes to the Church as well as possible.
Revd. AndrĂ© Mira MA, is an Baptist Union of Great Britain Accredited Baptist Minister, originally from Brazil, working in UK since 2000. Together with his wife Cecilia they have been planting  the Link Church, which is a Brazilian Baptist Fellowship in West London. They have been married for 16 years and have two children. Andre has been in Barking since 2008, although only in February 2009 he was officially inducted as the Church Minister. 

The main entrance to the Church is from Linton Road. There is a Public Car Park adjacent to the Church with access from Linton Road. This is pay and Display Parking.

The Church Car Park is accessible from Cambridge Road and is open when Services or meetings are being held at the Church. There is access to the Church from a small door at the rear of the Church


Bus routes 5, 62, 87, 169, 179, 238, 287, 366, 368, 369 pass near the Church. 

Our Adress: Linton Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8HG


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